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The Practically Speaking Conversational English course focuses on speaking practice and vocabulary expansion.  While reading, writing English are recognized as very important, our course is designed to give each student maximum opportunity to hear, understand, and speak the English language to improve their level of proficiency in verbal communication using English.  Our goal is to provide exposure to practical and useful English so that the student can immediately begin to communicate in the English language.  Teachers are all native speakers of American English and have been trained in the Total Physical Response method of language teaching.

Our course typically includes five to six daily classes (one week course) or nine to ten daily classes (two week course) that last from 1 ½ to 2½ hours (the equivalent of up to 12 to 16 hours of exposure to the English language.

During our two week course, we frequently schedule a special event for the weekend between the first and second week.  During the one week course, this special event can be scheduled for the final day of the course.  Special events will always be announced in advance during one of the closing sessions.  The special event is not part of the course, but is offered to our students for additional speaking practice. 

Prior to the first class day, each student undergoes a pre-registration interview with one of the American teachers.  This interview is used to place each student in the class that matches their proficiency in speaking the English language.  Class sizes are optimized to foster an informal, relaxed learning environment that encourages individual and small group practice.  For the Primary and Beginner levels, class sizes typically range from 12 to 20 students.  For Intermediate and above, the classes typically range from 8 to 16 students.

Daily Class Schedule

The daily class includes:

What We Ask of Our Students

Five Different Levels of Classes

Our course offers five different levels of classes that match the student's proficiency in speaking the English language.

Primary - For students who speak very little or no English we offer:

Beginner - For students who already have some vocabulary of everyday words and can make simple

Intermediate - For students who can speak in complex sentences, but may not have a broad vocabulary or demonstrate confidence in speaking English, we offer:

Advanced - For students who are already comfortable speaking in complex sentences and demonstrate a moderate level of confidence, we offer:

Superior - For students who already have a broad vocabulary, demonstrate a high level of confidence, and are able to express themselves on a broad range of topics, we offer:

Additional vocabulary of everyday American English words and expressions


The Practically Speaking Conversational English curriculum has been specially developed to provide intensive practice of useful and practical English.  Individual practice and small group practice are used to multiply the amount of speaking time for each individual student during their small group class.

The Total Physical Response (TPR, hearing, understanding, saying, doing) methodology is incorporated throughout the curriculum.  Topics and vocabulary are specifically selected to provide English vocabulary and sentence structure that is immediately useful to the student.  The curriculum is designed uniquely for each level of proficiency.

Practically Speaking Conversational English